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As mentioned previously You the user is archived and I am now writing at Bright & Matt.

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Designing for Agent Experience
Blowing hot air through internet pipes

Blowing hot air through internet pipes

The office
The office

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There will be no further posts here.


All things must come to an end. All things change. This is the final post on You the User. Future writing will be found on Bright&Matt.

For prosperities sake, here are a few of the more notable posts. Thanks for reading.

To portfolio or not to portfolio, that is the question

(Though I’m not sure I agree with it anymore. September 2012)

You apply for a UX job (pretty much same rules apply for UX contract work) and they ask you for some examples of work. What do you do? What do you want to do?

As little design as possible but as much help as you can get

We are all too familiar with the need to minimise complexity, encourage good design and promote accessibility and usability as the core approaches for a successful user experience.

Food for thought on handling different behaviours

Food for thought on handling different behaviours

As designers preoccupied with a user’s experience of the world around them and the contents of it, I think that we can learn a great deal from these excerpts from the British Journal of Play Therapy Volume 5, Winter 2009.

Conversations over Coffee: Nic Price

Memorable insights and learning often arrive by way of our peers: people we know, people who help us at short notice, people we can share a coffee with. I’m not aware of a resource that collects this learning and inspiration into one place so I’ve decided to try and collect it here.

Taking a break from The Internets, and waiting

On some days I’m overwhelmed and struggle to concentrate on the important things. My mind a grid of content, links, pictures, feeds all churning on and on, never stopping. There is only impatience and crushed concentration (and often pitiful constructive output). I feel an intense need to brush all the screens aside and get my day in order. To relearn how to concentrate and to (really) get things done.

You and your job

If you are unhappy in your job – leave and if you aren’t excited about work every morning – stop whatever you’re doing and do something else.

Better conferences

What is the future of the design conference? Does it have a future in its present form? And if they remain in their present form will they eventually cease to exist?

New Year’s Resolving (2010)

Is feeling bad about something all one’s life anything to particularly feel bad about?

Richard Saul Wurman on Understanding Change and the Change in Understanding

If Tufte is the patron saint of visualising data then Richard Saul Wurman would have to be the patron saint of representing and organising data.

Pot calling the kettle black

A fable


How I stopped worrying about choice and learned to love the network of connected things.

Unlimited design

Our responsibilities in the face of our future in the interconnected network of (every)things.


I don’t trust anyone who isn’t tired of the conference circuit (overheard in Denver 2011).


I often question myself. Why am I going to do this, why have I agreed to do that, where is that going to end up, is this the right thing to do?


If everything is the same conferences will just become dull, predictable and plain boring. We need diversity and challenges.

Questions for a small audience

“We should be ‘reading for the sake of reading’ rather than ‘reading for the sake of having read’” Alan Jacobs from The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction.

Year end notes (2011)

Just: Lessons and thoughts from two thousand and eleven.

AX: Agent Experience Data log #1

Everything new and more complicated under the sun.

My age of noise. Part One

An age of noise. A constant companion.

What am I doing here

Everything connects. Everything matters. However tenuous or minuscule.

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