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London IA January 2011

on 9 January 2011

The London IA event is now getting a regular monthly slot. Its home is Sense Worldwide’s Loft in Wardour Street (where we’ve been running things on and off for the last couple of years). By making them monthly we hope that more London IA members will get the opportunity to attend. We are aware that demand far exeeds capacity but we have decided that Sense Loft is the perfect size for the type of events we want to run – and Sense Worldwide have always been very accomodating, supportative and welcoming hosts. We have previously run bigger events with open capacity but they have never been as successful as the Sense Loft model.

A good solution to high demand is to start organising other events, though don’t be surprised if London IA members clamour for tickets (as Lee McIvor has found with Lightening UX). One day I hope there will be so many good events that London IA members aren’t so worried about securing a ticket for an isolated event but more concerned with making the right decision about which event to attend. Ultimately, all this high demand is a far healthier than a universal lethagy.


We start the year with Jason Mesut and Mark Plant. Jason will be revisiting his recent talk from MEX10 (and turning Sense Loft into his own personal music studio for the evening) and Mark will be delivering a (slightly shorter and developed) version of his successful and much talked about UX/Agile talk from last year’s UXPeople.

Expect electronic music and swearing.


Jason Mesut: Interaction Design inspired by Music Technology

In this session, Jason will elaborate on his recent talk at MEX10 – Touch, gesture, multiple screens and new inspiration for controls. He will discuss how he combines his personal interest in digital music devices with professional expertise in mobile user experience and how learning from parallel fields often provides valuable insight. He will also examine whether the interaction methods used in music products could inform future mobile form factors. Taking the topic further, he also looks at how this could drive multi-screen user experiences.

Mark Plant: Wireframes are dead. Experiments and experience from the UX/Agile divide

Mark will be revisiting the success of his recent talk at UXPeople and adding some further insights.

User Experience Design isn’t the most natural partner of agile software development practices. Whether you’re an interaction designer or information architect it can be tough adapting to the mindset of small components instead of a holistic solution.

Ultimately, you should walk away from this talk with a better understanding of how you can approach an agile project. You’ll learn about the benefits of reductive design over micro-waterfalls, road mapping individual features and the challenge of trying to define “good enough” up front. This is all another part of gaining some ideas as to how you can work better with (or ideally, as part of) an agile software development team.

Our hosts Zebra People will be on hand to talk recruitement and there will be quick draw to give away a few books from our brand new sponsors Rosenfeld Media.

(Please note the new times: we will be endeavouring to make this a shorter evening 6-9pm but encouraging folk to go to the pub afterwards – if they want to.)

Looking forward

February’s event on Wednesday 9th we are very happy to welcome Relly Annett-Baker and Dan Lockton. In March we are equally chuffed to welcome Andrew Travers and Leisa Reichelt. Looking further forward, we should see Martin Belam share hosting duties with a talk and at some point Charlie Gower.

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