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on 30 May 2011

I often question myself. Why am I going to do this, why have I agreed to do that, where is that going to end up, is this the right thing to do? Obviously things can turn into cul-de-sacs or dead ends, can end up being mistakes or pointless, non-challenging, wastes of time, space and resource. But some can uncover *diamonds* in the sand. If you never try, take a risk or gamble on an idea, you will never know where it might lead, which path less trodden you might end up on, what you might learn, what you might remember. Obviously this isn’t a blueprint for adding too much random to otherwise hectic, interconnected lives but given a sense of perspective, a concept of relevance (however subtle) and healthy doses of common sense there is no reason to not discover the correct type of challenging opportunities from any point on your daily map.

If science fiction has taught us anything, it’s that we have no idea what is going to really happen and whether anything is truly good or bad for us. There is a lot of mad.

If I think too hard about what I choose to do then I will probably only ever do the safe, considered activities, projects and pursue only the non-risky ideas and opportunities. By only operating within the borders of *known* projects and ideas that fit within your normal operation domains, you may be confining yourself to avoiding questions and potential adventures unseen, unheard, non-experienced. Too much toeing the toepath.

By taking risks and following an adventurous streak/inquisitive mind and heading into untrampled clearings you are likely to bump up against something Interesting, maybe challenging, maybe opportunistic, quite possibly rewarding and certainly enabling a different viewpoint on current and previous problems and projects. If you only ever view problems from the same body of work, work approach, interests, creative viewpoint, style, understanding you are doing yourself, your work, your clients, your business, your colleagues, your friends, your profession a great disservice.

And remember worse is talking and thinking about the benefits of different viewpoints but never taking them.

As always, more hammering, less yammering

more hammering, less yammering


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