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Omnigraffle: a soundtrack update

on 13 September 2011

It was always well documented that pressing work in Omnigraffle (say updating a 100 page wireframe document) would be very nicely accompanied by a soundtrack of LCD Soundsystem’s 45.33. Head down, headphones on, get shit done. (Most of the time) the software just would run and you’d finish up. However, if you have recently been a keen operating system update bunny and have updated to Lion and you still expect to produce work at pace in Omnigraffle you are going to need to update your wireframing soundtrack. Some of you may well have already uncovered this frustration but mine is quite raw after a recent project. Omni have decided to use Lion’s new auto update functionality and have removed any auto save control from the Omnigraffle software. So whether you like it or not every (seemingly) few seconds your project file will save and you will be rewarded with a nice view of the spinning beach ball. Now when your project file is fairly small this – while still pretty annoying – happens quite quickly but when that work file starts getting big (say 100+ pages), updates need to be done quickly and deadlines begin to loom, that beach ball keeps on coming seeming to get bigger and bigger and when it appears it spins for ages as Omnigraffle churns its way through saving the file. This completely disrupts any work flow and getting shit down quickly. If you still insist on listening to 45.33 or like you will quickly start screaming in frustration.

I hope Omni listen to the frustrations and realise that Omnigraffle users need to be driving the car and are quite capable of deciding when (and how often) they want to save their work.

Until then if I have to work in Omnigraffle I will be listening to Eno’s Apollo or Ambient 1.